This 1880's Victorian had plenty of charm, but a distinct lack of bathrooms. The only bathroom in the home was located on the main level, and with all the bedrooms on the 2nd floor. The home owners were in need of something more convenient.


A small coat closet between two bedrooms was expanded and transformed into a half bathroom. Upon demolition it was discovered that the wall to be moved contained structural elements where the original house met an addition. A structural engineer assisted with reworking the framing design. Only part of the wall was able to be pushed back so an alcove was created. The arched alcove added to the character of the space in the end.


A wall mounted toilet was used to eek out a few more inches of much needed floor space.  Traditional marble subway tiles were used on the walls, and a hexagon pattern was used on the floor. Electric floor heat makes this small space feel luxurious.  Dramatic charcoal gray on the walls  was used for contrast.  Custom mounted bugs for an unexpected gallery experience.

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