Ampersand is an Oil & Vinegar tap house featuring a variety of gourmet food and kitchen items as well as cooking classes. The owner found a great location in downtown Moscow, but the space was very unfinished. The owner had a background in interior design and had a strong vision for the look of the space. I came on board to assist with plans and to help with material selection.  Three dimensional rendered plans were made which helped the project develop into a richly layered space.


Because the space was narrow and very deep, vertical "columns" were used to break up the space visually. A soffit spans above the columns which allowed us to add lighting to highlight merchandise. Brick was added between the columns for texture. A similar soffit detail was used above the oil wall which allowed for additional lighting. The original floors were in terrible shape but luckily were able to be refinished which really helped give the space warmth and character.




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